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Thank you so much for stopping by here. It is lovely to meet you.

 Let me tell you a little bit about myself and, of course, my little Critter’s. Let’s start at the very beginning, as they say, and go on till the end.

I was born in the wilds of Wales, the home of wild dragons and wild mountains, and my imagination was shaped by the landscape and stories that surrounded me. I grew up on a farm, where my five other siblings and I wore hand stitched clothes. (Both our jumpers and our teddies were hand knitted too!)

That early love of textiles, creativity and craft-making began when I was about eight years old; and I was taught how to sew and knit, by my aunt and mother. By the time I was ten, I had made my first dress, complete with bias binding and hand stitched hems. The same year I knitted a toy bunny, with a lovely cable knit jumper. And I am still inspired by him in my soft toy designs to this day.

I have a degree in Textiles from Manchester Polytechnic, and have worked extensively in the textile and design business, before beginning my own soft toy business - Carmel Critters. I can also be found moonlighting alongside a well-known milliner, helping her in the beautiful art of hat making, and working at Acton Scott Victorian Farm, as a guide and children's facilitator. I am currently involved in setting up their first ever Children's Arts Festival, which is to held later this year.

I am the mother of four grown-up boys, and the proud grandmother of three grandchildren. My work is inspired by, and made for, children. My passionate belief in children is at the heart of everything I make and do.